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Hoy leí una convocatoria en Facebook para probar una nueva característica de la red social. En la convocatoria se pedía escribir 3 preguntas sobre cualquier tema y contestarlas de forma más o menos detallada. Sería muy feliz si pudiera trabajar en Facebook y más si lo hiciera desde los headquarters en California. Aunque trabajar en Google sería hiper mega poca madrérrimo, pero hasta eso no quiero comerme al mundo de una mordida.

Dado que soy algo paranoico y temo que pudiera alguien agarrar y desarrollar respecto a mis respuestas, decidí compartirlas aquí en R@Utopia just in case 😉 Sorry, está en inglés, pero si no lo entiendes o lo hablas ya, deberías de tomar un curso urgentemente ya que más de la mitad del mundo está en inglés.

Esto lo escribí encuerado porque hace mucho calor en mi recámara… además como que tiendo al nudismo :P. En las bocinas se ha escuchado sólo Metal desde hace una hora. A mis pies, debajo de mi escritorio, se encuentra el Insectronic que compré en Steren esperando electrocute a todo maldito mosco mutante de la fruta. Debo reconocer que María Barragán en mi Facebook me recordó que dicho insecto es el usado en experimentos genéticos. Seguramente  a alguien se le escapó algún infeliz mosquito mutante y éste le dio “vuelo a la hilacha” tronchándose a toda Drosophila que se le pusiera enfrente.

Ya me desvié del post, así que dejo mis preguntas. Si las copias, Facebook motherfucking team te va a decir “nanais! eres un plagiador de contenido intelectual y chingón del R@U” así que ya estás advertido.

Why are there so many mails with hoaxes and urban legends?

It seems like gossip and first hand news have always been inviting.

The mails about the guy in Nigeria who needs a foreign account to transfer 5 million dollars, or the one that estates that Ericsson is giving away last generation cell phones to the recipients of a mail chain have been circulating on the internet since its early years. So why are they still around haunting our mail boxes?

The answer could point to the fact that we are not sure whether that mail is true or a hoax, and the question “What if it’s true?” messes with our minds. In addition to that, very few people take the time to give a second thought and summon common sense.

The best protection for any type of con is: information. But there’s a bottom line: the internet holds many information sources that tend to overwhelm, and sometimes, is difficult to find reliable sources that could really fulfill the information requirements that we are searching. We can find tons of porn or advertising before getting close to a somewhat decent source with a piece of information we are looking for.

The scammers behind these mails know that the probability for someone to fall in the trap is very low, nevertheless is not zero. If they can obtain valid e-mail addresses through harvesting using this or having someone’s information to do extortion of frauds they will keep on doing it.

What could be the solution for each and every conflict in this world?

Chances are someone has thought already on this but I wanted to write my opinion about it.

What happens when a happy loving couple suddenly has an irreconcilable problem? What is within a conflict that keeps countries immersed in wars? What makes a man hate another man? I think the answer relies in the lack of respect. Respect is what this world needs. Respect to other people beliefs, opinions, paradigm, etc.

The guy in that couple makes fun of his partner because he doesn’t like her having a bit of freedom from time to time to spend time with her friends. He is not respecting her right to do her will. Sometimes he yells at her and then the lack of respect brings the insults, the frowning and such.

Country A does not agree with the religion of Country B. They are unfaithful to our God, country A says. They want to turn them to A religion, because B religion is a lie. We don’t respect your right to believe in B.

A man has a bad day at his job. The guy that put him on the line when he was being irresponsible belongs to the ethnic “X”. Then every person from that ethnic group is labeled as “non grata” It doesn’t matter where they come from or what their history is, if they look alike “X” they are not allowed to have an opinion, they are nothing to that man.

What would the world be like if we all treat ourselves with respect? Would they be conflicts still? Yes, but they could be solved differently with respect.

Why do we like to read, watch and listen to stories?

Books, movies, podcasts, blogs… there are lots of material we are attached to, because we need to escape to fantasy from time to time.

We read a novel, sometimes we tend to choose the kind we identify with, sometimes is random. The same happens with movies. We go to the cinema looking for entertainment but is not the main reason. The main reason lies within entertainment is to escape to a reality different from ours.

We read about doctors, serial killers, ghosts, heroes, great women and men in great stories. We don’t like to watch a long boring or plain movie. We don’t listen to a podcast of someone talking about what happens daily in the real world. We look for something different: emotions, feelings something that could move our own world.

We like to be detective from time to time, to be that gorgeous doctor or a multimillionaire scientific that has the knowledge and means to build a super suit and save the world. We want to escape reality so we can be in a comfortable enjoyable position. We just need to feel the adrenaline and the emotions that the stories give us.

Ya profundizaré cada pregunta y respuesta en un post anterior. 🙂

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